As conservation specialists with a love of design and respect for craftsmanship, our starting point for all our work is to understand the unique characteristics and opportunities of a building or place. We work with clients, stakeholders and advisers to realise their aspirations through design, conservation, repair, and creative reuse.

We study and interpret the individual character of what already exists. Our repair philosophy is rooted in the principles established by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, which means we start with the assumption that generally all stages of a building’s development are of interest and value. We believe that both design and repair should relate well to their context, particularly regarding human scale, and make appropriate use of existing and modern materials.

We are particularly skilled in the integration of both modern and more traditional technologies in historic buildings and interiors to make them environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient and fit for modern purpose. Our philosophy, attention to detail, and understanding of traditional and modern materials and construction methods ensure a living continuity for our buildings and places.

Latest Projects

Paddy Boyle James O Davies, English Heritage